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NOT a Bank, NOT a Mortgage Brokerage, NOT a lender.
MortgageMeNow is a search engine that helps you find the best deals.

About Mortgage Me Now

A home loan process built by a tech company, not a bank

is a free service that combines tech and people to simplify the complicated, automate the laborious and humanise the digital.

It's finally here

Our proprietary technology enabled a world-first: a mortgage information source that can help direct customers to some of the best mortgage options available in Canada.

Since launched it has turned the home loan process on its head.

Our tech makes the process so efficient, you can go directly to one of the listed mortgage lenders or we can put you in touch with a mortgage specialist who will focus on the stuff that matters – helping customers, if and when they need it.

It's the people behind our technology that make us really special. They have 100's of years of combined experience in mortgaging. Plus, they're the nicest people going and love solving problems for our customers.

How does the tech work?

We digitised mortgage lenders' rules, regulations, and policies to create a series of data models that our proprietary software scraps through to find you the best and most up to date information available.

Then it is up to you. You can contact a mortgage lender directly or have one of our referred Mortgage specialists assist you.

We will soon offer this tech to lenders too via MortgageMeNow Enterprise so the entire industry can do it better.

We help Canadian homeowners find cheaper home loans every day. We know that mortgages are pretty boring, but they are a necessity, and overpaying isn't.

If you can lock in the cheapest rate possible that will give you more money to pay off the loan faster or invest elsewhere.

Get a free quote today and find out what you should be paying instead of what you are paying.

Why our customers love us

What our clients say…

The whole experience from start to finish was exceptional. I couldn't recommend them enough! It was a pleasure start to finish.

- Jeffery M.

This has been a great team to deal with.

- Nick L.

Wow just wow. They took such great care of us. And when they told us all we needed to do next was pack, they weren't joking! Can't thank you enough.

- Aee S.

You made this experience so much less stressful for us. We will be sure to contact you if we have anything else. Thank you.

- Aslan and Dan

I'm self-employed and single-income and they still managed to get me a fantastic rate.

- Wendy M.

You guys are wonderful at what you do, thank u again for all your help today. You make the process seem a lot less stressful and your genuine kindness shines through.

- Janet F.